Bluetooth Technology and Hearing Aids

bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology is a wireless communications system intended to replace the cables connecting many different types of devices.  These devices can range from mobile phones and headsets to heart monitors and medical equipment. As a global standard, the technology is in billions of products worldwide. The technology is found in virtually every mobile phone, laptop, tablet, new car, and more than 40 million medical devices.

2005 saw the introduction of the first hearing aids capable of utilizing Bluetooth technology.  Not long after, manufacturers added Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids that could connect to televisions, MP 3 players, cell phones, and computers. Bluetooth technology is one of the most recent advances in hearing aids. It is a way to send digital information wirelessly over short distances. Bluetooth technology works by allowing two hearing aids to wirelessly communicate with each other. The technology will enable users to connect to devices in their home and car, for example, a computer, a GPS, or a cell phone. So, what are the advantages of having this type of technology in a hearing aid?

Advantages of Bluetooth Technology in Hearing Aids

Signal Stability – Bluetooth device uses multiple channels to convey the sound. It is, therefore, less likely to lose that signal due to interference with one of the channels.

Higher Sound Quality – Feedback and whistling and other problems associated with some hearing aids is diminished with the use of Bluetooth, and the sound quality, in general, is improved as well.

Binaural Hearing – Bluetooth technology allows hearing aids to speak with each other.  This allows the hearing aids to maintain the quality of speech and discern and localize sounds relevant to the listener’s position. A conventional phone can only be held to one ear at a time.  Bluetooth technology allows the user to hear their cell phone in both ears.

Hands-Free – With a switch of a button, you can talk hands-free without the need to hold the phone to your ear.

Simultaneous Connection– Bluetooth technology can accommodate multiple devices so that a person can be directly connected to their computer or cell or MP3 or DVD, depending on which device they wish to hear.

Wireless – Bluetooth eliminates the need for wires and lines of other connectivity devices. It also has applications for people with unilateral hearing loss who wear BiCROS hearing aids.

Bluetooth technology is an amazing feature available on most hearing aids. However, it is only one of many things that will go into the decision-making process surrounding the purchase of your hearing aids. Our professional staff will provide guidance on what hearing aid options will best suit your unique needs.